Carmine Sorrentino Family Tree

Whereas most family trees just show "name, born, died," I am interested in learning about the person and family group. I have information to share about these people.

Write to me if you can add or share anything. Thank you for helping me build our family tree. Thank you!

(This paragraph updated July 2017) Raffaele and Maria Lucia Sorrentino had seven sons: Gennaro, Salvatore, Carmine, Giuseppe, Michele/Michael, Sylvester, and Antonio. Except for Gennaro, all the sons and occassionaly the parents Raffaele and Maria Lucia, all came to the United States and resided in the Rockville Centre and Baldwin area of Long Island, New York. Overview of the Sorrentino family with links to each son’s family tree (except Giuseppe).

(Raffaele's son) Carmine Sorrentino
Carmine Sorrentino 1876, Italy — 1940, NY
+Maria Giovannia (Jennie) Milone 1882, Italy —1955, NY Visit the Milone tree
Joseph William Sorrentino 1902 —1984
+ Marie Agnes Traynor 1905 —1985
Joseph Sorrentino 1926 — 2001
+Margherita Antaly b. 1925
Genevieve Sorrentino 1924 — 1999
+Anthony Minei 1918 — 1999 Visit the Minei Tree
Mary Carmelita Sorrentino 1905 — 1952
+ Vincenzo Pennisi 1893, Italy 1965, NY brother of Anthony Pennisi who married Elvira Sorrentino
Vincent Pennisi 1923 — 1994
+ Madeline Hecker 1918 — 2013
Maria Pennisi 1925 — 2012
+ Salvatore Milone 1907 — 1997 Visit the Milone tree
I have seen several trees on that show a Guiritta/Giuditta Sorrentino as a daughter of Raffaele Sorrentino with a brother of Carmine.

By looking at the actual data on the 1910 US census, this is not a link to this family tree! The 1910 census lists Guiritta/Giuditta's mother as Frances. In our case, her parents would have to be Raffaele and Maria Lucia. Her brother Carmine is listed as 2 years old in 1910. Our Carmine is 23 years old in 1910. Her family was living in Manhattan, NY. Our family was in Baldwin, NY.

Please be careful in your research!