del Giudice Family Tree

Whereas most family trees just show "name, born, died," I am interested in learning about the person and family group. I have information to share about these people.

Write to me if you can add or share anything. Thank you for helping me build our family tree. Thank you!

According to the Ellis Island web site, Oscar, Concetta, Oscar Jr. and Guido were steerage passengers on the ship Patricia from Naples, Italy. They arrived in New York February 21, 1917. Concetta's maiden name is also listed, but is crossed out. (Thank you to Gerard Marciano for providing Concetta's surname to me!).

The family first lived in Brooklyn, New York. In 1918 the family moved to Manhattan, New York. After Concetta's husband, Oscar Sr, death in 1931, she moved from New York City to Rockville Centre, NY and lived with her children. For many years the extended family lived at 59 Clinton Avenue, Rockville Centre.

The del Giudice's married into the Sorrentino family.

Archille del Giudice ? — ?
Arturo del Giudice (Oscar's brother) ? — ?
+ unknown ? — ?
Oscar F. del Giudice, Sr 1877, Italy 1931, New York
+ Concetta Marciano 1874, Italy 1941, New York
Guido (Guy) Riccardo Mario del Giudice 1905 Naples, Italy 1959, NY
+ Emma Dorothea Sorrentino 1913, NY — 1992 Her branch of the Sorrentino tree
Oscar F. del Giudice 1906, Italy 1994, NY
+ Mathilda Colette Sorrentino 1911 NY — 1996, NY Her branch of the Sorrentino tree