Whereas most family trees just show "name, born, died," I am interested in learning about the person and family group. I have information to share about these people.

Write to me if you can add or share anything. Thank you for helping me build our family tree. Thank you!

Grande & Zaccari Family Trees

Nicolo Grande born and died in Circello, Benevento, Italy
+ Annunziata Cerrone born and died in Circello, Benevento, Italy
Vincent Grande (Vincenzo) 1893; Circello, Benevento, Italy 1973; Rockville Centre, NY
+ Josephine Sorrentino (Giuseppa) 1899; Sarno, Salerno 1970, NY Visit her branch of the Sorrentino tree (Gennaro Sorrentino)
Annunziata (Nancy) Grande 1921; NY — 2010
+ Harry Brunnhoelzl 1919; NY — Florida
Nicolas Grande 1922; NY — 1980; NY
+ Kathryn McMahon Illinois — 2012; NY
Vincent Grande 1929; NY — 2008; NY
+ Jean Doran 1929; NY — 2016; NY See the Doran family tree
Grazia Grande born in Italy
+ Giacomo Zaccari born in Italy
Giovanni Zaccari bn 1930; Circello, Benevento, Italy
Nicolina Zaccari bn 1935; Circello, Benevento, Italy