Sorrentino Family Tree

Whereas most family trees just show "name, born, died," I am interested in learning about the person and family group. I have information to share about these people.

Write to me if you can add or share anything. Thank you for helping me build our family tree. Thank you!

Emigration / Immigration

The Sorrentino’s came to the United States of America in the early 1900s from Sarno, Italy. They settled on the south shore of Long Island, Nassau County, New York. Most resided in Rockville Centre. Other family members lived nearby in Freeport, Oceanside and Baldwin.

The Family

(This paragraph updated July 2017) Raffaele and Maria Lucia Sorrentino had seven sons: Gennaro, Salvatore, Carmine, Giuseppe, Michele/Michael, Sylvester, and Antonio. Except for Gennaro, all the sons and occassionaly the parents Raffaele and Maria Lucia, all came to the United States and resided in the Rockville Centre and Baldwin area of Long Island, New York. I have no further information about Giuseppe. Overview of the Sorrentino family with links to each son’s family tree (except Giuseppe).

The Sorrentino family tree is very large. It has been broken into “branches” for each known son.

The Sorrentino Family Tree
Raffaele Sorrentino 1840, Sarno, Italy 1915, Rockville Centre, NY
+ Maria Lucia Rocco 1845, Italy 1915, Rockville Centre, NY
Gennaro Sorrentino 1866—1946 Gennaro´s family tree
Salvatore Sorrentino 1868—1957 Salvatore´s family tree
Carmine Sorrentino 1876—1940 Carmine´s family tree
Giuseppe Sorrentino 1878— I have no further information about him
Michele/Michael Sorrentino 1881—1941 Michael´s family tree
Sylvester Sorrentino 1883—1952 Sylvester´s family tree
Antonio Sorrentino 1887—1918 Antonio´s family tree